We are just wrapping up one of my favorite projects that we did in 2015.  This particular project wasn't an uncommon or extraordinary. It wasn't our biggest project.  It wasn't the longest or the hardest project.  This project was just charismatic and lots of fun.  It was a simple 3 bed 2 bath charming remodel project in the Roundtree neighborhood that we are fortunate enough to keep dabbling in. 

We meet several clients daily and create work for them that fulfills their vision.  But when you find a client that your able to share a personal vision or style - that's what it makes it a little sweeter. And that's what we had here.

 Our goal in this project was to keep the old character that held 100+ years of family memories, yet allow some modern & rustic spins and twists to match within.  I think we more than accomplished our clients vision and our own.  

***Disclaimer: These are just some "Sneak Peak" photos.  But here are a few before and after snaps of it. This was while moving in was in progress.  Professional pictures to come on our website this Spring! What do you think?!