Exterior Remodel & Additions

We have built three custom homes before we undertook a major remodeling of a newly purchased 103 year old home. Virtually every room underwent a major renovation in order to remove the mid-70s remodel and restore the home as much as possible to its original look. We also tore out an outside wall to add a family room and we built a new detached garage. We have never worked with a contractor as honest, professional, helpful and dependable as Jack and Tammy. They make a great team. The entire ten month process was a great experience and was planned and executed exactly as promised.

A couple of our favorite rooms that changed the most were the kitchen and the master bath. The kitchen was a dark “hole” with cheap tile flooring and dark cabinets. Jack’s crew (by the way, all of his crew are very talented and were always very helpful and professional) found the original hardwood floors under the tile flooring and uncovered a great old brick chimney and an outside window when they tore off the old sheet rock. The kitchen is now light, useful, beautiful and cozy with the return to its original look.

The master bath had a small old tub with “farmy” wagon wheel trim and had blue shag carpet. It now sports new pipes (had to replace the cast iron ones), instant hot water, a beautiful glass shower and a look of “old elegance”.

Every room the Stinson’s and their employees and sub-contractors touched was like watching a moth turn into a butterfly as they restored our old house to its original splendor.

When we started the project, we never dreamed it would turn out anywhere near as great as it did. Jack and Tammy were always with us with helpful ideas but , if we had strong ideas of how we wanted something, they did everything possible to make it happen. We would totally recommend the Stinson’s for any project, small or large.”
— The Ellison's